Sunil Adhikari
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About Me


I am a student of computer science who passed bachelor's degree in 2076. I am a deep knowledge miner in the concerned subject. I am keen and enthusiast to learn technology. I have been in the field since 10 years.I learnt Python and Django in one of the top ranked training center in Kathmandu, Nepal.


I have one year experience of teaching basic level in the reputed institution of the country. I have worked as beginner front end developer using html and css.

I did my internship from Dibtech Nepal situated at Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. Currently, I am working as Python Developer at Flaresight located at Kuleshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal. My role is backend developer using django framework here. Microservice APIs are made in Django Rest Framework under this role.

My Resume

Year Qualification Institution
2015-2019 BSC. CSIT Nepalaya College, Kathmandu
2012-2015 Diploma in Networking VIT, Melbourne
2009-2012 Diploma in Horticulture HSA, Melbourne
2006-2008 12 in Biological science CCRC, Kathmandu
2002-2005 High School CESBS, Chitwan


  1. Computer- Class 3
  2. Computer- Class 4
  3. Computer- Class 5
  4. Computer- Class 6
  5. Computer- Class 7
  6. Computer- Class 8
  7. Computer- Class 9
  8. Computer- Class 10
  9. Computer- Class 11
  10. Computer- Class 12
  11. HTML -Frontend
  12. CSS- Frontend
  13. Javascript-Frontend
  14. ReactJs-Frontend
  15. Python- Backend
  16. Django- Backend